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A House Of Prayer


This book contains scripture, daily prayers and corresponding lessons learnt for each day of the year.

Through reading this Daily Devotional, the reader will experience the relationship between Avril and God, as well as understanding how prayer can encourage our understanding of God's purpose in our lives.

It is clear English reads scripture and prays often about everything in her life. Through this book, readers could build a daily habit of thinking about—and talking to God about—the spiritual matters most important to them.

Melissa Wuske, Clarion Review

Although the sheer size of this 702-page book may seem intimidating to some readers, English organizes the content into bite-sized sections, making it highly digestible. The writing is plain but honest and genuine, and readers interested in embracing a routine of daily prayer will likely find this book a useful tool.
A heartfelt, thoughtful book of prayers, likely to inspire devoted Christian readers.

Kirkus Media LLC

Christians believe that their faith is tested through trials, and author Avril English knows something about that, having suffered a lifelong disabling injury and breast cancer. In this Christian, non-denominational, 365-day devotional, it is apparent that her born-again faith is strong.

BlueInk Reviews

This Daily Devotional Book has shown me the blessings that you can receive through spending time with God and the prayers encourage us to remember that nothing is too small or too big to share with God.



Charlotte Jones

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